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At Great NW Drivers we meet many Novice Adult Drivers.  Often, these clients believe that they must be the only person who did not get a driver's license at age 16, however, nothing could be farther from the truth.  There are thousands, most often in their 20's, who are what we consider to be Novice Adult drivers. 

Many were not interested enough in driving early on to fully pursue it, while others tried and found the learning process to be a harrowing one.  For whatever reason, acquiring a driver's license did not happen in the mid-teens and now there is a much greater need for one as an adult.

Adults have had had many more life experiences than a teenager, many relevant to learning to drive.  They have also spent thousands of hours more as a passenger in automobiles and have spent that time observing and learning about driving whether they know it or not.  For these reasons in part, adults typically can learn faster than teens.

At Great NW Drivers we are always eager to meet the next Novice Adult driver in need of driving instruction.  We find these to be some of the most rewarding relationships that we have with our students.  We consider it our specialty to take each student at whatever level that they are at, and quickly form our instruction around that student's exact needs.  Adults are often able to pass our state road test earlier than a teenager might and ALWAYS excell faster than even they expected.

If you are an adult learning to drive we would love to hear from you.  We would welcome the chance to get to know you better so that we could recommend our best possible program to fit your needs.  You will need an Instruction Permit before you can begin practicing.  If you would like some help studying, try taking some of the practice quizzes at this link.